Advanced Database Log

Rapid Resolver for Dynamics 365 F&SCM will improve the ROI of your current support team by cutting time resolution
It’s not a ticket system!
It’s an add-on to streamline your Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
In the fast-paced ERP world, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management (F&SCM) stands out as a robust solution for complex challenges. However, the larger your company, the more the users. The more the functionality, the more the errors. This makes it really difficult to support an extensive system and dig down to the cause of the error.
This is where Advanced Database Log (ADBL) enters the scene, offering a revolutionary approach to optimising the support and maintenance of Dynamics 365 F&SCM systems.

Is it possible to reduce labor costs while improving quality and delivery within SLA?

up to
for the 1st line support
ADBL significantly saves time when exploring and resolving problems without the help of second line support
up to
for the 2nd line support
ADBL majorly decreases time spent conducting Root Cause Analysis

Key facts

The faster you solve the ticket, the smaller the budget you need for support.
As a rule, 90% of our customers use ADBL every day. Even in routine work, errors always occur (human factor), and changes are difficult or impossible to track for the average user. This can seriously affect your accounting results.
Most useful for: Internal support teams, IT partner support teams, End Users.
Small business
Medium business
Enterprise business

Do you have to expand your support team within 3 years?

No, definitely not. Look at these ROI results based on our clients' feedback

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About the project
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The system’s complex data structure did not allow the team to quickly find the source of errors using standard functionality
In the early days of using the system, users often made mistakes, accidentally deleting documents and their lines, changing values, and pressing unnecessary buttons
In high-load mode, the internal support team made a variety of mistakes, such as changing system settings or changing the set of user roles
As a result, the support team was overloaded, and users needed a lot of help getting a solution to their problems with a given SLA


Advanced Database Log provides the support team and key users with a self-service, user-friendly tool. ADBL’s change history analysis brings the following advantages over the standard database log
View the entire history of document changes in one form
View the data of deleted lines of documents
Replace all technical codes with user-friendly names
View the history of user role changes
Flexibly set up notifications with conditions and filters


Step 1
Implementation in 2 days
Step 2
Checking what was done
Step 3
See how resolution time and ticket numbers decrease


Ticket Volume
The number of tickets received in a given period
Resolution Efficiency
The number of issues resolved compared to the total number of issues received
First Contact Resolution
The percentage of tickets resolved during the first interaction with the user