Cloud Green Update Solution

Take your release management process to a new level
  • Get full view of modified objects and upcoming update
  • Significantly reduce release management risks
  • Implementation within a week
times a year
As a Microsoft customer, your company can choose to stay updated 2-4 times a year. Service updates are continuous, touchless updates that provide new features and functionality. The release management process is inevitably complex and time-consuming.

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Upgrade today and supercharge your business!

Staying on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management offers many benefits, including enhanced efficiency, advanced features, improved security, and better user experiences. Upgrading is a strategic move that can help businesses remain agile, compliant, and competitive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.
Get full list of modified objects and analyse its changes statistics. See all affected or legacy objects
Significantly reduce release management risks. Ensure that all needed changed code is appropriately tested and could not be a reason for the system down.
Efficiently and effectively prioritize testing scope of the updated system to minimize time-to-market
There are no tools to analyze the impact of new updates on code changes
No opportunity to get enough information about technical changes made in the update. You cannot find out which objects (tables, classes, etc.) have been deleted, added, or had their properties modified. As a result, you cannot estimate how the new update will affect to your modifications.
There is no possibility to install the update partially
It would be very useful to install only part of the update, contain the functionality you company need exactly. But the partial installation is not an option. The update will be installed completely and inevitably
Release management is time-consuming
Too many hours are consumed by new release analysis and testing of each update. Also, the time frame for testing the new update is very restrictive

Do you want to have a better release management?

Update or Not Update

Quickly decide whether you can afford this update from a technical point of view. Estimate the affected code volume and find out whether you would upgrade now or skip it to the next one.

Execute a successful and well‑informed upgrade process within a week

No need in integration our product with Dynamics 365 F&SCM. Our product is placed in Dynamics 365 F&SCM and ensure a seamless workflow. We will support your team during the initial setup and configuration of our product to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Purchase the Cloud Green Update Solution on Microsoft Appsource.
Get 270% ROI in a month
Save from 100 to 400 hours per one release analysis

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Improve your release management process
VAR partners
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Boost your service level and react faster
ISV partners
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Decrease total cost of ownership

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