Keep your Dynamics 365 BC data at your fingertips

Power up your Business Central data with flexible financial reports and dynamic formulas for BC cloud customers

It is no surprise that over 15,000 companies are using Business Central SaaS. Part of them with our solution Power Central can:
Save time on financial data preparation and analysis
Create as many customized reports and formulas as you wish
Easily compile them into a comprehensive report within a familiar interface – Microsoft Excel
Gain custom-tailored insights which align perfectly with your business goals
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With PowerCentral you can

  • Easily analyse your BC data using Microsoft Excel pivots
  • Build your own “live” reports with only Excel knowledge
  • Do ad-hoc BC data analysis
  • Get startup report packs, adjust, customise and them with colleagues
  • Do ad-hoc BC data analysis
  • Easily see how the figure is calculated, by drilling down and getting transaction level details from Excel

How it works

Power BI gets data from BC (or other sources), aggregates it using PowerCentral datamodel end extensions and provides connection to Excel. Excel uses Pivot tables and formulas to request aggregations from Power BI and present them to you in familiar format.

PowerCentral reports and models

The Finance pack
Finance pack provides general ledger and budgets analysis by any dimension or chart of accounts category account
Balance sheet P&L by any dimension
Budget vs actual
Customer, Vendor settlements analysis by key counterparty attributes like country, type, category, etc.:
Purchase, sales amounts VAT amounts
Aged accounts receivables and payables Historic debt analytics
Inventory & Warehouse
Current stock enquiry Item turnover reports Inventory Aging Report
Expiry date report Inventory transactions analysis by warehouses, items, lots, variants, etc

Implementation within a week

Our implementation approach is agile. In 7 days or under we bring your data into Power BI, and conduct workshops and training. Your specific reporting requirements, and existing customizations and support will be included in our implementation package.