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Improve the value of your marketing efforts
Create meaningful personal sales experiences

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– Introduction meeting
– NDA review and signing
– Kick-off meeting
– 3 Workshops with key users
– Report outcomes meeting
– Project Scope and Roadmap
– Alignment with Business Goals
– Cost Estimation
– Risk Assessment
– Mitigation of Scope Creep
– Timeline and Resource Planning
Free Solution Assessment
The Solutions Assessment highlighted areas where our employees were spending too much time on manual tasks. By automating these processes, we saw a 25% increase in overall productivity, allowing our team to focus on strategic initiatives." - Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
The bridge to the Cloud

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Our approach will take you through a step by step approach that will be tailored to you. The steps that we include are:
  • Project Initiation
  • Environment Provisioning
  • Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing Set-Up and Configuration
  • Testing
  • Data Migration
  • Superuser Training
  • Go-Live
  • Hypercare support
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Coordinate sales and marketing

When sales and marketing are aligned

79% marketing qualified leads never convert into buyers because the sales team fails to nurture customer relationships

Orchestrate personalized journeys across all touchpoints

with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide – August 2023
Customer journey creation
Nurturing leads
Unified platform
Simple multi-channel campaigns
Extensive customer insights
Event management
in lead volume
in marketing ROI
in lead сonversion
  • Identify sales-ready leads with lead scoring models using a list of behavioral data, demographic data or actions your visitors have taken
  • Manage any type of event – online, on-site or hybrid, registrations, attendees, speakers and sponsors effortlessly in a single system
  • Be where your customers are by executing coordinated marketing campaigns across various channels
  • Create personalized journeys and tailor experiences across email, SMS, mobile and other touchpoints

Turn customer insights into sales impact

with Dynamics 365 Sales
The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales overview to learn how it transforms organisations
in lead volume
in marketing ROI
in lead conversation
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Integrations
  • The native integration between Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator supports sellers to build trust, manage relationships, identify new leads, view suggestions on how best to make introductions, etc.
  • The Dynamics 365 App for Outlook enables users to link emails to any D365 Sales record, including contacts, opportunities and cases.
  • Have your teams chat directly located within your CRM system reducing the time spent switching between apps.
Microsoft marketing automation software

Case study ‘QuickStart’ Dynamics 365 Marketing implementation

Read how our deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing has benefitted a pharmaceutical company