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Change is risky
It causes disruption and requires dedication. Knowing that the decision to upgrade is not easily made, we can help you to create a foolproof plan.
Upgrade Scanner
Case studies
Get a free detailed assessment of your current system using automated tools, as well as recommendations from leading experts on key aspects of the report
Save a lot of presale time both during analysis and RFP creation
Minimise your project migration risks by arming yourself with detailed project scope and upgrade actions
Identify what functional areas of the solution are modified most
Optimise the migration offering by modifying the scope before starting the project
Benefit from our highly experienced team, which has 20+ years working with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC
What contains Upgrade Scanner report?
1. Deep technical analysis of your system
  • Analysis of data model customization
  • Analysis of critical system core customization
  • Analysis of business logic and UI customization
  • Analysis of the modification list for each object
  • Analysis of external .NET libraries dependencies
  • Analysis of code quality metrics
  • Assessment of the freeze necessity
2. Assessment of user workload
3. Migration scope evaluation
4. Migration approach, process and tech aspects
5. Price estimation
An example of the Upgrade Scanner report
Overall, the decision to keep applications on-premises or to migrate to the cloud is complex, and this is our opportunity to help you carefully evaluate your needs and priorities when making a decision.
Three-Step Journey to the Cloud
Develop a cloud migration startegy
Understand your customer’s business needs, goals and desires for the cloud. Evaluate the benefits and investments associated with migrating
Modernise Licenses
Utilise the Microsoft “Bridge to the Cloud 2” promotion that allows existing Dynamics onpremises customers to obtain discounted cloud licenses
Modernise Application
Consider and compare different upgrade paths to the Cloud using Upgrade Scanner. Execute your plan smoothly, safely, and in a timely manner
Move your company to the cutting edge and increase your productivity with the newest functionality
Maximise Your Potential with Cloud Solutions
  • Improve security, privacy, and reliability
  • Enable scalability and flexibility
  • Free up IT resources
  • Bring all your data together
  • Adapt to your business needs faster
  • Increase collaboration and productivity
  • Empower your organization to do more
Our comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central guide
Dynamics 365 Business Central “Universal Code” initiative
Microsoft require their clients to license customized and not cloud-optimized solutions
The term, “universal code” means that everyone must go to full extensions (no code customized in the base application), and code created must have the ability to work both on premises and in the cloud (hence, “universal”).
Schedule of fees for Microsoft’s Business Central Universal Code Initiative
Overview of the Dynamics 365 Business Central ‘Universal Code’ initiative
The bridge to the Cloud

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Microsoft Program
Special Microsoft license program
Feb 1, 2023 – Dec 31, 2024
* This promotion is available only to customers that have not previously purchased a cloud version of the product.
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