With a focus on driving innovation and actionable insights, Cloud-based Applications is not just a tool but a strategic asset that is central to the evolution of businesses across various sectors. As businesses grapple with the challenges of operational inefficiencies and the quest for agility, the move to cloud-based solutions becomes imperative.

The Dynamics 365 Copilot stands out as the world's first AI copilot integrated within both CRM and ERP applications, epitomizing the fusion of AI with business processes to enhance productivity and decision-making capabilities.

Microsoft AIM program

The journey to cloud adoption, however, is fraught with challenges, particularly for organizations anchored in on-premise solutions. This is where Microsoft's AIM campaign comes into play, offering a structured pathway for businesses to transition to the cloud with confidence. Through targeted support, tools, and incentives, AIM aims to catalyze the migration process, ensuring businesses can harness the power of AI and cloud technology without disruption.


  • AIM Assessments: Helps customers understand the steps and benefits of migrating to the cloud, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Coverage Expansion: The campaign has expanded to include all on-premise Dynamics products, offering more customers the opportunity to benefit from cloud migrations.
  • Partner Ecosystem Role: Essential in delivering assessments and supporting the modernization journey.


  • Success by Design: A systematic approach for successful cloud deployments, providing prescriptive guidance for designing, building, and deploying Dynamics 365 solutions.
  • FastTrack Collaboration: While not a direct financial offer, Eligible customers may collaborate with Microsoft FastTrack Solution Architects for expert guidance through migration projects.
  • Project Quality Advisory Services: Tailored guidance to ensure customer projects are successful, available to Microsoft unified support customers.


  • Licensing Offers: Renewed Bridge to Cloud licensing offer and expanded coverage to include all perpetual license Dynamics on-premises products, providing discounted pricing for cloud migration.
  • License Optimization: Offers that help customers optimize their investments as their business grows, including discounts for expanding capabilities within Dynamics 365.
  • Partner Support: Updated pre-sales and post-sales engagements to enable more engagement types and address a broader customer base.

AIM Case study - Cloud Migration with AIM for a Medium-Sized Enterprise


A medium-sized manufacturing company, "Manufactura Innovate Inc.," has been operating with on-premise Dynamics AX for its ERP needs. The company has recognized the need to modernize its business applications to improve operational efficiency, leverage AI capabilities, and enhance decision-making processes.

Step 1: Accelerate - Assessment and Planning

  • Assessment Conducted: With AIM, the company engages in an initial assessment, revealing that cloud migration could reduce their operational costs by 20% annually, thanks to the efficiencies of cloud computing and the elimination of on-premise hardware maintenance.
  • Investment Savings: Through the Bridge to Cloud licensing offer, "Manufactura Innovate Inc." is eligible for a 30% discount on their Dynamics 365 subscription for the first year, saving approximately $15,000 based on their size and needs.

Step 2: Innovate - Implementation and Utilization of New Features

  • FastTrack Collaboration: Leveraging the FastTrack program, the company ensures a smooth migration with minimal disruption. The program helps them identify opportunities to automate 50% of their manual data entry tasks through AI, translating into a projected productivity boost worth $50,000 annually.
  • Success by Design: By following the structured approach, "Manufactura Innovate Inc." avoids common pitfalls, reducing the implementation timeline by 3 months, equating to an indirect cost saving of around $40,000 in lost productivity.

Step 3: Move - Migration and Future Growth

  • Migration Support: Utilizing the discounted license pricing and the expert migration guidance, the company successfully migrates to Dynamics 365 with a total direct migration cost of $100,000, which is 25% lower than typical costs due to the efficiency of the provided tools and services.
  • Growth Path: After migration, by adopting expanded capabilities in Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service at a discounted rate, they anticipate an increase in sales efficiency and customer satisfaction that could lead to a 10% growth in sales revenue in the first year post-migration, potentially adding $500,000 to their top line.

Through AIM, "Manufactura Innovate Inc." has not only streamlined its migration to the cloud but also positioned itself to capitalize on the benefits of Dynamics 365. The initiative has helped them realize significant savings and efficiency gains in the short term, while setting a solid foundation for leveraging AI and data analytics for future growth. This case study reflects the tangible benefits and numerical impacts that can be achieved through a structured approach to cloud migration and digital transformation with the support of Microsoft's AIM campaign.

Redefine the way you work with ERP and CRM

With initiatives like AIM, Microsoft is not just offering a roadmap to technological adoption but is also championing a vision of a future where businesses thrive on innovation, agility, and data-driven decision-making. As we look ahead, the synergy between AI, cloud technology, and collaborative ecosystems promises to redefine the way work is done, making it more efficient, insightful, and innovative.

Microsoft program FAQ here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/get-started/aim-migration/aim-faq

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