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N.Progression is one of the first to receive certification, under the Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization program

System integrator and developer N.Progression was one of the first to receive certification, under the Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization program. This recognition confirms the company's deep technology expertise and extensive experience in projects related to the migration of customer solutions based on Windows Server and SQL Server to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Windows Server and SQL Server Migration is one of Microsoft's Advanced Specialisations. Vendor partners who have demonstrated remarkable results in working with a particular technology are assigned this appropriate status. To obtain certification in Windows Server and SQL Server Migration, N.Progression has implemented several projects to migrate IT solutions to a secure and reliable Microsoft Azure cloud and confirmed the presence of a large number of certified specialists. In addition, N.Progression has successfully passed an external audit by the international company ISSI.

This status gives access to exclusive Microsoft client programs. The terms of the partnership also include dedicated positioning on vendor digital platforms and prioritisation in Co-Sell processes with segments.

Rich technological expertise and a team of industry specialists allow N.Progression to carry out migration projects of varying degrees of complexity, considering the realities of the European market and the specifics of the legislation. In addition, a proven project management methodology developed by the integrator's specialists helps achieve a high-quality result when working on them.

“According to analysts, in 2020, the global cloud services market grew by 24% - the pandemic and remote work, of course, became the main incentives. To add, we see interest in cloud technologies from European customers, who previously were mostly inclined towards on-premise solutions. Therefore, N.Progression's recognition as an expert in migrating to a secure and reliable Microsoft Azure cloud is precious to us, and we thank Microsoft for its support. Furthermore, the new certification confirms the company's compliance with the highest standards and our willingness to provide a secure transition to the cloud with maximum protection of our customers' data,” 

Maria Averina, Director of Business Intelligence at N.Progression

It is noteworthy to remind our readers that N.Progression transferred a number of its industry developments to the Microsoft Azure cloud over the past year: N.Progression Pharma and FMCG BI, N.Progression MDM, N.Progression TDC (supply chain analytics solution). Thanks to this, the system integrator's customers have additional options:

  1. use of advanced analytics services, including those that allow working with big data;
  2. reduction of costs for local infrastructure;
  3. receiving reports and searching for insights anywhere in the world from any device;
  4. rapid scaling of cloud resources and their adaptation to changing environmental conditions.