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N.Progression helps Leroy Merlin to create self-service analytical tools using Tableau

N.Progression has helped one of Europe’s largest DIY retailers, Leroy Merlin, to develop BI-tools through the use of the Tableau platform. A range of dashboards are particularly helpful when it comes to analysing stock and turnover, and identifying the best practices at each location, allowing the company to identify buying patterns. Many of the tools already have more than 3000 users.

The company had previously used other analytical platforms, but with changes to the company’s internal and core systems, existing reports either became inconvenient to use or simply stopped working. Leroy Merlin required new analytical tools for local decision-making, which would also allow for data analysis across several systems.

“What we needed was not tables and macros, but graphic business analysis, in order to develop a data culture within the company, among other things. The Tableau platform has enabled us to create efficient and user-friendly tools that are not so much a form of ad hoc analysis as ready-made solutions for mass consumers,” says Nikolai Pavlov, Director of Business Efficiency at Leroy Merlin.

One of the main benefits of using Tableau is the search for trading potential function. This tool enables the comparison of products with several different indicators, and sampling across all stores. At the same time, the user can choose what they want to compare a product with, in order to determine the store’s leading product for themselves. The tool also enables the user to analyse the difference in the number of visitors by hypermarket, to determine the most frequently purchased products, and to find patterns. In other words, it identifies indicators of product appeal and helps to identify the best practices in different stores.

Now, Leroy Merlin’s employees also use Tableau to monitor the leading indicators of turnover. For example, the stock analysis tool has 3500 users.

“Throughout the course of the project, the N.Progression team and I often visited our stores, so as to gain a better understanding of all the processes which were being analysed. As a result of this, it has been possible for us to develop not just our reporting capabilities, but also user-friendly, effective tools to manage certain indicators. In the future, we plan to provide users with more opportunities for self-service and ad hoc analysis,” says Nikolai Pavlov.

N.Progression помогает Leroy Merlin создавать аналитические инструменты самообслуживания с помощью Tableau