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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Cloud Green Update Solution allows you to analyse the update you have installed and assess its impact on the specific version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations which has been installed in your company. This solution analyses system improvements and provides further information on which functionality needs to be tested for compatibility with the update. With the use of Cloud Green Update Solution, the installation process for highly customised systems is now more secure and predictable.

Microsoft releases up to eight updates of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solutions for Finance and Operations per year. If a company uses the cloud version of the system, it must follow the policy of installing vendor updates. The on-premise version does not require this, but in order for it to continue to support your system, you will need to install at least two updates per year.

It is important for businesses to understand how the ERP system will function after the upgrade is installed and how changes made can affect previous improvements made to the solution. Currently, updates are typically tested manually, or by using regression tests, or tests developed with the help of the ATL library.

“Either option requires additional resources, but there is always a risk that the tests will not cover the entire functionality of the solution which has been changed,” explains Andrei Zhuchkov, one of the developers of Cloud Green Update Solution and Technical Architect at N.Progression, “In our practice, there were situations which could have been avoided if testing had been carried out automatically or if technical information the upcoming update had been available. For example, in one pharmaceutical company, the upgrade of a mobile terminal for a warehouse came into conflict with the client’s system refinements. Furthermore, there was a representative of the FMCG industry, for whom changes in the properties of standard tables led to the inoperability of some of the reports which had been developed specifically for him. Therefore, we decided to create a tool for the quick and convenient testing of updates which would suit a company from any industry using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.”

Cloud Green Update Solution identifies changes in standard code which may affect the operation of modifications and require their customisation, in advance, and provides insight into exactly which areas to focus on when testing an upgrade. It helps to compare the current version of the application with the upgrade package for the new version of the system, and provides a list of standard objects for which the client has created extensions (Extension). Users of this solution will also be able to receive a list of standard objects modified in the new version of the system for which there are already existing extensions. Cloud Green Update Solution also provides a list of ‘working elements’ (WorkItem) which may be affected by the update. As a result, this reduces testing time and costs, while improving the quality of installed updates and ensuring the stability of the ERP system.

“There are plans to add new object types for analysis, a feature for retrieving objects which are marked for deletion in subsequent releases, and to increase the system’s ability to analyse modified objects. In other words, users will be able to obtain a list of business processes which may be compromised once the upgrade is installed. There will also be statistics for the change of objects, which will allow for the calculation of the risk of errors. Of course, we plan to validate the solution and release it on the official Microsoft AppSource store,” says Andrei Zhuchkov.