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Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O add-on to cut your support costs: Advanced DataBase Log (ADBL)

December 15th, 2022
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10:00 AM (GMT+00:00)
Moving from the current solution to a new version, implementing a new ERP solution will enable you to build efficient & resilient business processes. However, to truly reap its benefits, you need to work with the database log easily and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the first days of working with the new ERP system are full of accidental errors; without technical specialists, users can not analyze the changes. As a result, the support team must analyze all these issues and become overloaded, not providing the required SLA.

Our add-on solution Advanced DataBase Log (ADBL), quickly tracks changes' history and improves data quality. The solution is specially designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Microsoft AX 2012 users.
3 reasons to use our Advanced Database Log Solution
  • Reduce support costs by 1.5 and significantly decrease risks in the very first days of using the system
  • Help you organize the work of your internal support team and reduce the number of involved IT staff by up to 30%
  • 5-day implementation
In this 45-min session, we will discuss
  • Main features of ADBL solution that could help you during implementation and future support
  • A few examples comparing ADBL capabilities vs. standard database log
  • Business results of clients who implemented our solution
  • Free 6-month license for all webinar participants
Our workshop will be interesting for
IT directors, managers, business partners, CIOs, CDOs, and all roles responsible for IT business success.
  • Zac Triay
    Business Development Manager in the UK
  • Petr Kulikov
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 architect
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