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Marketing Fest: customer forever or how to automate marketing

When? 2 December 2021
What time? 11:00 (CET)
Where? Online
About event
Strong competition and narrowing channels of interaction with customers are the challenges of the post-COVID time. The need to take into account the preferences of each contact person, the most appropriate methods and time of communication, the change in the role of personalization - all this led to the massive accumulation of customer data, the formation of his detailed profile, the use of artificial intelligence, chat bots, and forecasting systems.

According to Cossa, 91% of marketers say that it is very important to apply automation to achieve success in marketing campaigns. However, only a few use an integrated approach that nullifies the risks of losing or losing an already acquired client, despite the huge number of auxiliary systems. Why is this happening? And how to avoid a "patchwork" approach to solving the problems of marketing communications?

We invite you to take part in Marketing Fest, a landmark event for all experts in the field of B2B and B2C marketing, which will take place on December 2nd. At the event, we will discuss how, within the framework of a corporate strategy, to effectively build activities for different points of sale, create loyalty programs, and manage digital campaigns for different channels of interaction.

You will learn how to remain among the leaders and get the most business value from marketing, how to move to a modern model that implies complex automation and work within a single IT ecosystem. Representatives of analytical and marketing companies, market experts, as well as N.Progression and Salesforce companies will show case studies demonstrating the success of a new approach to marketing data.
Key insights
  • Marketing Transformation - improving customer experience and increasing customer loyalty
  • Reference approach to marketing automation - what it consists of and how to set it up correctly
  • Marketing Cloud and Tableau - building communication around a single client ID
  • Using AI - promptly receiving feedback from the market and adjusting the promotion strategy?

This event we are preparing for
The conference will be of interest to top management of companies, heads of marketing, sales and analytics departments, CIOs and CDOs, as well as all professionals interested in growing their business and digitalizing customer experience.