EVER Pharma Canada achieves a new organized reality with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Pharmagen CZ / SK (EVER Pharma)
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Business situation
EVER Pharma’s overall business operations are managed centrally. Its multiple sites and headquarters, however, function as standalone entities. Due to such geographical distribution and varying needs for sharing information with the headquarters, sites in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada and Australia have different requirements and lack the resources to maintain a large system.

To address these complexities and support rapid growth, EVER Pharma sought a flexible, standardized and comprehensive ERP solution. Business Central emerged as a modern, cloud-based multi-company system that could meet the varying needs of each site while seamlessly integrating with the headquarters' BI system. With an easy-to-use approach and low cost of ownership, Dynamics 365 BC was the ideal solution for EVER Pharma.

We have already implemented Business central in Czech Republic and Slovakia (Wave 1), and today we finished implementation in Canada (Wave 2).
I was very satisfied with the communication throughout. It was consistently a very fast and competent response, as well as consistently characterized by friendliness, flexibility and goal orientation. Both on the technical and on the functional level, the quality of the work was outstanding. It was at every stage of the project a very productive and pleasant cooperation to achieve the project goals together.
Dustin Geßner
Application & Information Management, Pharmagen CZ / SK (EVER Pharma)
When implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for a multinational organization, we had to consider various local requirements and regulations. We developed a global configuration package based on a global chart of accounts. With a smart localization approach, we customized the solution to meet the specific requirements of local legislation in four regions, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

The implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central in Canada adheres to strict validation rules that are specific to North America. These rules require us to carefully prepare a comprehensive set of documents and consistently support this process with each system update. Our focus is to ensure that all necessary documentation is in place and up to date, aligning with the regulatory requirements of the region. This commitment allows us to meet the validation standards set forth for implementing the system in Canada.

Localization enabled us to quickly implement financial modules, comprehensive accounting and tax accounting tasks, integrate with international accounting standards, and provide regulated printed forms in local languages. With high functional coverage, Formative Pharma was able to minimize customizations, as the solution covers 95% of processes with 90% standardization.
Additionally, EVER Pharma Canada created business intelligence dashboards using Power BI for reporting purposes. Integrated analytics enables stakeholders to base their decisions on the same set of facts, improving decision-making processes.
The implementation project was completed quickly and cost-effectively, with the solution being tailored to comply with various local regulations.

The second wave (Canada) of global implementation of the Dynamics 365 platform has ensured real-time sharing of all business data among companies. EVER Pharma can now generate consolidated financial statements for each country, leading to reduced costs associated with infrastructure management, better planning and control of individual activities, and an overall improvement in the company's global performance.
Today, management relies on a unified and rational organizational system that meets multi-country needs. Additional benefits include:
  • Fast, reliable operations with a future-ready platform
  • Greater transparency and faster go-to-market strategy
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Greater security and business agility
  • Increased system integration for improved business insights

This story describes services provided and completed by N.Progression in June 2023.