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HEINEKEN has implemented a BI-module in order to improve the efficiency of the work of field teams

With the help of analytics tools powered by Microsoft Power BI, the company will be able to acquire real-time data to analyse and improve the performance of field teams across the country.

HEINEKEN is one of the largest producers of brewing products and the leading manufacturer of cider. Now, the company is actively collaborating with IT market leaders to implement the latest solutions and increase the efficiency of digital transformation.

The effective work of Sales Representatives plays an important role in business development of HEINEKEN. These field teams have different KPIs – the number of locations visited, the quality of the work at these locations, the quality of displays, the work of refrigeration equipment, and other indicators that need to be monitored and analysed. The company decided to transfer work with data to a single analytical circuit in order to improve the efficiency of operational work, and to implement new BI tools to process this information. They were built on the Microsoft tool stack, specifically SQL Server and on-premises Power BI. The specific feature of this project was enabling future users of reports to work in different time zones. For example, in one, the day is already ending, while it is just starting in another and, by that time, all the data from the first time zone should be processed and available for the second. Therefore, the requirements for the duration of data and report preparation, which had to be taken into account when implementing a digital solution, were quite stringent. “Company development, especially in unstable times, is only possible on a data-driven basis. This new analytical module will allow us to bring quality management in retail outlets to a new level. With the help of mobile analytics, the company and teams can independently track the achievement of the desired goals and indicators. It will also allow them to see interaction history with a particular outlet and manage its potential, and monitor the fulfilment of contract terms through networks,” remarks Vladimir Bolotin, BI Systems Development Manager at HEINEKEN.

The project was implemented with the support of the systems integrator, N.Progression. Maksim Ozerov, Director of Pharma & FMCG Projects at N.Progression, noted that work was undertaken to optimise calculations, in order to ensure the efficient preparation of reports, taking into account the geography and quantitative representation of teams to maintain both the high speed and performance of the analytical system.

HEINEKEN is also currently open to collaboration in the field of information technology, and continues to look for solutions aimed at improving efficiency. On the accelerator website, companies can discuss their product, demonstrate its value to the HEINEKEN business as part of a pilot project, and have the opportunity to scale.

Company Information

Heineken United Breweries LLC is division of the Dutch company HEINEKEN N.V., the world leader in the production of premium beers and ciders, sold in 70 countries around the world. The company’s portfolio includes more than 30 international, national and regional brands, including Heineken®, Amstel, Krušovice, Affligem, Gösser, Tri Medvedya, Okhota, Okskoye, Stepan Razin, and others.