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N.Progression has developed a business analytics system for Maxxium

The systems integrator and developer N.Progression has developed a new analytics system through the Microsoft SQL Server for Maxxium . This new system enables the company’s employees to monitor the financial performance of the company on a daily basis, as well as the results of primary sales. N.Progression has also implemented the Microsoft Power BI cloud platform at Maxxium, which has allowed users, from the CFO to sales analysts to create their own visual reports.

Maxxium is the division of the global partnership between two spirits companies - Beam Suntory Inc. and The Edrington. This partnership counts The Macallan, Jim Beam, Highland Park, Courvoisier, and others, among its brands.

Previously, Maxxium employees used an analytics system which was developed through the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 However, over time, this system became difficult to maintain and develop further. Additionally, the system stopped responding to requests from the Finance department and employees in the Sales and Marketing department, as it did not contain all the data which was required in order to implement the company’s strategy or to perform operational tasks. It was decided to implement a new analytics solution which would quickly process and deliver data to users.

This project was implemented by N.Progression, whose specialists were able to develop a new analytics system based on the updated version of Microsoft SQL Server within six months. This included two sections – Finance and Sales. Specialists in their respective departments are able to monitor and analyse income and expenditure information on a daily basis. They are able to do this by means of P&L reports, the analysis of various financial indicators, the comparison of actual sales against budgets and projections, as well as the detailed analysis of data on primary sales.

Maxxium staff were also interested in receiving visual reports based on data collected by the new analytical system. In order to achieve this, N.Progression implemented the Microsoft Power BI cloud solution in the company. Now, using simple tools and more than 30 reporting forms, Maxxium specialists are able to independently generate reports, including mobile reports, with different levels of detail.

“The new solution, which N.Progression developed for us, provided an excellent basis for further development of analytical culture within the company. After its implementation, the integration team conducted training, so, now, not only are our employees able to use consultants’ analytical reports, but they are also able to develop new reports such as the ones found in Power BI, with different visualisation tools, if necessary, and in Excel,” says Olga Budrova, Financial Director at Maxxium .

“We would like to thank the Maxxium team for their productive work at every stage of the project. It was the company’s employees, in particular, who actively participated in the development of visual reporting requirements. It is our view that the collaborative work of the customer and the integrator is one of the main factors of a successful IT project. Now we will continue to develop the new system – we have quadrupled its number of users, we plan to add secondary sales data, as well as information about the market and competitors, and integration with the other systems used within the company. This will further improve the quality of reports and reduce the time taken to generate them,” says Maksim Ozerov, Research Project Manager at N.Progression.