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N.Progression Data Insights: trends, principles, practices in FMCG, Retail and Pharma

When? 12 October 2021
What time? 10:00 (CET)
Where? Online
About event
Over the past few months, the FMCG market has changed significantly: New Retail and the delivery market are actively growing, new services are emerging, and major market players are restructuring. Against the backdrop of these changes, technological transformation is also taking place. FMCG companies strive to acquire and maintain the loyalty of a potential client not only through traditional promotion channels, but also through direct access to the audience, in connection with which the role of customer experience increases. Today, the one who knows more about his customers than others and uses this information is ahead.

Changes are also taking place in business processes: we are seeing the integration of teams from different departments: marketing, brand management, commerce and logistics. Companies that have competently organized the joint work of such specialists receive a powerful competitive advantage - a much more client-oriented and strong team with extensive expertise. In solving the problems that such teams work on, IT tools are indispensable.

We will talk about real cases of using the latest technologies at the annual N.Progression Data Insights business seminar, which will be held on October 12. Knowledge of industry specifics of the market, cooperation with leading vendors and a large number of completed projects will allow us and industry experts to talk about ready-made tools and best practices of leading FMCG manufacturers.

What will we discuss?

  • Key trends in working with data in the FMCG market, retail and pharmaceuticals
  • Mistakes in building a data platform and how to avoid them
  • BI 2.0: How to get the most out of your data
  • Integrated planning process
  • Net Revenue Management (NRM)
  • Omnichannel Marketing Tools
  • Self-Service tools for data analysis: how to give more opportunities for analysis to the whole team
  • Creating RPA services based on Power Platform

Experts from Faberlic, Simple Group, Royal Canin, EFKO, Rive Gauche, AUCHAN, Abbott and others are invited to participate in the event.

The event will be of interest to marketing directors, sales directors, financial and IT directors, top management and business analysts.

The event will be held face-to-face in compliance with all necessary security measures.

We remind you that your registrations for an event postponed due to the current epidemiological situation do not need to be confirmed again. If you did not have time to join us and leave your contacts earlier, you can do it now. Participation in the event is free, subject to prior registration.

Date: October 12, 2021

Time: 10:00 – 14:00

Participation in the event is free, subject to prior registration.