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Case Clarins

The implementation of Terrasoft Creatio


  • 40%

    of orders are processed automatically

  • 100%

    automation and analysis of which channels lead to orders (which made it possible to identifty the most efficient channel)

  • 3x

    times greater efficiency in compiling customer profiles, which made it possible to analyse decisions made and offer relevant products

  • Client
    A large French brand which manufactures beauty products, as well as luxury perfumes, and also sells its products through various partner networks, department stores and pharmacies in Europe
  • Requirements
    • The main systems - the CMS site platform and the ERP system had basic statuses, there was no flexible plan, and the loyalty programme was a boxed solution.
    • The direct marketing system was not efficient enough, since it did not have two-way integration, and therefore, there were significant technical limitations
    • There was no system at all that could analyse telephony, statistics and analysis that would help to assess the efficiency of operators
  • Solution
    • The implementation of Terrasoft Creatio made it possible to reduce the load on operators, segment customers and accumulate information in one system.
    • The platform aggregates all data on the client base, manages order routing, the control of payment receipts, manages information and delivery statuses, and recalculates stocks.
    • Also, a loyalty programme engine was implemented through this platform, which made it possible to create a joint tool for direct marketing for the system
  • Challenges
    • Choose a platform which would be budgetary in terms of future improvements
    • The platform should seamlessly integrate with existing systems in the company, without any problems, and it should easily enter the company's IT landscape (integration with accounting, payment systems and the site platform)
    • Flexible, continuously updated platform
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