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Case Volkswagen

Implementation of a universal Dynamics CRM 365 system


  • 100%

    Unification project and building a universal CRM in the process

  • 360°

    Creating a 360 client portrait for all brands

  • 1

    Creating a single universal mechanism to ensure that marketing activities are delivered to clients across all brands

  • Client
    Volkswagen brings together seven popular car brands, which are part of the company, on the Russian market. This company is one of the world's leading and largest European car manufacturers. This company also offers a wide range of financial services: leasing, banking and insurance services, fleet management, etc.
  • Requirements
    • Lack of universal information system. Each brand within the company has separate internal systems, where customer interactions are recorded
    • Large number of duplicates between dealer systems
    • There is no single picture of Client holdings
  • Solution
    • Implementation of a universal Dynamics CRM 365 system for all brands and the creation of a single universal process for working with clients
  • Challenges
    • Different processes, systems used, client base for each brand
    • System implementation for all brands
    • Building a complex universal IT infrastructure and integration with systems and the customer to ensure delivery across all brands
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